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avatar for Andrew Lerario

Andrew Lerario

High Tech High
San Diego, CA

Since 2006, Andrew Lerario has worked as a progressive teacher, always looking for ways to develop his practice to remain on the frontier of education. He firmly believes that in order to effectively mentor students, he continually needs to push himself as an adult learner. He has grown an enthusiasm for many things – outdoor learning, project based learning (PBL), space science, exploration, and celebrating student achievement. In his spare time, you can often find Andrew geeking out on rockets, telescopes, the latest science news, computers, or planning the next adventure with students.

It took some time for Andrew to develop a deep appreciation of learning. As most people, he went through the traditional school system – K-12 and then college, earning a BS in Chemistry. Although he attended well-rated institutions, he did not find the work highly challenging or engaging. This drove him to become an educator, with a motivation to create better experiences for his students. He went back to school to earn a Masters of Education in Teacher Leadership at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education, where his mentor, Rob Riordan, pushed him to re-evaluate his understandings of teaching and education. In this transformative effort, Andrew rediscovered his love of learning and realized that in order to become a better teacher, he must focus on maintaining a continuous effort to become a better person. For Andrew, this means getting students out of the classroom and into nature to share authentic moments that stimulate wonder and curiosity. It means collaborating with colleagues and forward thinkers to dream big about how we can push the boundaries of what we can achieve with students. It fosters his commitment and dedication to rewriting the educational experience for new generations of curious minds. He believes our educational work is to create global citizens that are compelled, as Carl Sagan puts, “to deal more kindly with one another and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot”.